Cheapest Colleges in Canada for International Students

Whether you’re an international student looking to study in Canada or a Canadian student looking to save money while studying abroad, you’ll want to know which colleges offer the lowest tuition fees.

This article will give you a quick overview of the country’s top schools and help you decide which is right for you.

Algonquin College

Whether you are looking for a bachelor’s or master’s, Algonquin College is one of the lowest-budget colleges in Canada for international students. Offering over 300 programs, this post-secondary institute is committed to giving students an education that is flexible, personalized, and accessible.

For around 50 years, Algonquin College has provided an educational experience grounded in applied research. This allows students to explore real-world challenges and develop new processes, products, and services. It also allows faculty to pursue innovative teaching practices.

The college offers a wide array of support services. Its Centre for Organizational Learning supports faculty in incorporating innovative technology practices. Its Student Leadership Development Program is geared toward students keen on community leadership. The program is delivered through workshops based on the Social Change for Leadership Development model.

Located in the Ottawa region of Ontario, the college is part of Employment Ontario’s Ottawa Network. It offers various resources to help learners connect with employment opportunities and improve local labor market information.

Through partnerships with industry partners, the college embeds classrooms in high-growth industries. As a result, students can access the latest cutting-edge technologies and innovative learning opportunities. A world-class energy production plant, a Police and Public Safety Living Lab, and a Simulation Health Centre are among the facilities available to students.

The college has also partnered with international volunteerism organizations to offer volunteer opportunities to students. Through its Algonquin Foundation, the college manages $22 million in bursaries.

Through its Incoming Study Abroad program, students studying outside of Canada can attend courses at the college for up to 18 months. This program gives students a unique opportunity to explore a new culture, meet new people, and gain experience in a field.

Camosun College

Located in Victoria, British Columbia, Camosun College is one of Canada’s largest and most sought-after colleges. With an enrollment of more than 19,000 learners and a faculty of over 500 experts, the college offers more than 160 programs. It is also positioned among the leading 50 examination colleges in the country.

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International students are welcome to apply to Camosun College. However, there are some requirements. They include a valid study permit and proof of a change of status. In addition, applicants must pay a 100 CAD application fee. For national applicants, the price is 5 975 INR.

Depending on your program, fees vary. For a 14-week full-time program, tuition costs are estimated at $8,680. If you take more than six courses, the cost will increase.

The average class size is 24. It offers a range of programs, including certificate, diploma, and degree programs. Popular courses include Health & Human Services, Business, Arts & Science, and Sport & Exercise Education.

Camosun offers many financial aid options, including scholarships. In addition, it has several different programs, such as dual credits and apprenticeships. It also provides support for local businesses.

The campus also has student clubs, fitness centers, and academic advising. There are also career fairs at various campuses. The campus is equipped with computer labs and libraries. The library offers both in-person and remote services.

Camosun is also involved in research and development for the local industry. It has a branch called Camosun Innovates. It is a part of the college’s efforts to improve practical learning. Approximately ninety-one percent of graduates are employed within six months of graduation.

Centennial College

Known for its high-quality Canadian education, Centennial College is a premier institution in Toronto, Canada. It is one of the largest post-secondary institutions in the country, with over 25,000 full-time students. It is the most formed publicly funded college in Toronto.

Centennial College offers a variety of programs for international students. The school focuses on experiential learning, helping its students develop skills, and promoting co-op education. The school works with organizations such as Air Canada, IBM, Microsoft, and Sun Life Financial Inc. It has numerous student-led clubs and organizations.

The school also has a Global Experience Program. This program includes internships, semester exchanges, and language and culture learning. The program also has a joint international research project.

In addition to its extensive number of degree and diploma programs, Centennial College also offers a variety of certificate and post-graduate programs. The college offers over 130 industry-oriented programs. It has five campuses in the Greater Toronto area.

There are many lodging choices for international students at Centennial College. These include on-campus residences and off-campus accommodations. The on-campus homes are available in both single and double bedrooms. There is also an opportunity for students to rent an apartment on campus. These apartments have high-speed internet, a kitchen, and a shared bathroom.

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There are two scholarships for international students at Centennial College. One is awarded on merit, while the other is awarded based on academic performance. Both are available to understudies who have finished at least two semesters of study at the school.

The school also has counseling services for international students. These are provided in person and online.

Humber College

Humber College offers various educational credentials and programs located in the heart of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Whether students choose to take part-time or full-time schedules, they can be assured of gaining practical experience and prospering in their careers.

The university’s academic excellence and affordability make it a popular choice for international students. The university is known for producing engineers and miners, and its faculty are globally-competed. It is also affordable for those seeking a master’s degree.

While studying at Humber, students can choose from various subjects and earn a diploma or graduate degree. The school is also committed to providing a supportive environment that enables all community members to thrive.

There are two campuses in the Toronto area, one of which is located in Orangeville, 45 minutes north of the city. The other campus is on Lakeshore, which has easy access to the city’s core.

The university is committed to applied research and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) outreach. The faculty’s focus is on aligning the curriculum with industry needs.

Including its undergraduate programs, the college offers several post-graduate courses for international students. Aside from these, the college also offers several certificates and diploma programs. These include art, business, education, health, engineering, and technology.

To attend college, prospective students must meet specific criteria. The minimum requirements for admission are a grade 12 high school diploma and a 6.5 IELTS score. They will also need to provide proof of their completed education.

The university also provides scholarships for international students. In particular, the Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award is available to international undergraduate students from impoverished areas.


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