I will not blame you if you get nauseated about a write up about vomiting in a dream, it isn’t easy discussing vomiting without getting the feeling to throw up but I’m sure you will be fine. This is because throwing up is an involuntary action by the body that occurs to relieve a person of an uncomfortable situation. What makes the individual throw up differs from person to person but the most common things that cause you to throw up include:

  • Irritation
  • Mood swings/Emotions
  • Allergies/Poison
  • Illness
  • Stomach indigestions

Now, understanding this, we can say vomiting up is a way of purging our bodies of unwanted or harmful substances so the body and mind can feel better. Looking at this in this light, one could think that when one dreams of throwing up in dreams it would signify getting rid of bad situations but we must realize that every time we vomit, we release energy and nutrients which can be translated in dreams as wealth and power. Thus, it is essential to understand the meaning or significance of every dream that one throws up.

Vomiting in a Dream – Concepts to Understand

Before we go on, we must understand that we dream for various reasons, sometimes we dream of the most interesting things that happened to us recently, and at other times we dream of those things we lack, feel, need, want, hate, etc. Reasons for throwing up in your dreams could be drawn from psychological, physiological, or spiritual issues around or bothering us.

Dreaming is a way our minds translate to us, situations and issues that have an impression on our well-being, and dreams of throwing up can signify good things as well as bad things, it is imperative to take the entire dream; not just the act of throwing up, into context, one has to take note of the content being thrown up, the rate of throwing up, the surroundings and environment, the time of day. Paying attention to every detail in the dream is essential for an accurate interpretation; because every bit of information means something!

What does it mean when in your dream you are throwing up

Please find some common interpretations of dreams of throwing up.

  • When you dream of throwing up: This can signify something dreadful is on the way, it can be in your relationship with people, in your place of work. It can also be interpreted that bad situations are leaving your life and good tiding on the way
  • When you dream of throwing up on another person: This can signify that a close confidant has evil thoughts and intentions towards you and will strike against you soon
  • When you dream of a child throwing up: This signifies concern for your future or the future of your loved ones. Also, when one dreams of a child throwing up, this signifies childhood trauma that one needs to address to receive overall well-being
  • When you dream of throwing up all over your clothing: This can signify that a close confidant of yours needs your help
  • When you dream of Throwing up blood: this might signify that you are beginning to lose interest in something you put so much effort into
  • When you dream of a group of people throwing up at the same time: This signifies that the people around you are planning evil against you
  • When you have dreams of throwing up your teeth: ouch! This signifies that you are losing confidence in yourself and your self-worth, either in your personal life or place of work
  • When you dream of yourself cleaning up puke: This can signify that good things are coming your way
  • When you see birds in your dream vomiting on you, it means you demonic attack of shame and lack of favour.

Biblical Meaning of Vomiting in a Dream

When one dreams about throwing up; in the spiritual, it is an indication of liberation, escape from captivity or a bad situation in 2 Timothy 2:21, it says, ‘If a man, therefore, purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master’s use and prepared unto every good work’

The act of ‘throwing up’, indicates expelling impure situations, and evil connotations from our lives. Also, spiritually getting rid of hindrances against our growth and ultimate deliverance.

I hear people say, ‘You are ‘what you eat it is what you ingest that you ultimately throw up, this had the same connotations in the spiritual, you cannot get rid of spiritual ‘roadblocks’ unless such hindrances are set against you! It is crucial to be prayerful, and cautious of situations, and relationships we get ourselves into.

As was mentioned earlier, the content that you throw up in a dream is significant, some people throw cockroaches, blood, ants, and water, and there are situations where people dream of throwing up money, and there are dreams about throwing up worms A lady testified she dreamt of throwing up children and that dream scared her, she thought it meant that she’d never be able to deliver babies but ‘spiritually, that is further from the truth! These ‘objects’ that keep getting thrown up in dreams; spiritually, signify liberation from curses, freedom from bondages, and relief from evil oppression.

Thus, dreams of throwing up spiritually signify a good thing, such dreams should be embraced as good news and followed by prayers of thanksgiving and praise to the Almighty for protection and deliverance because a lot of us have found ourselves in situations of stagnation, where we find it so hard to move forward positively, this causes depression and loss of faith in our spiritual lives and that is what the devil wants to happen.

The hindrances in our lives symbolize the objects we throw up. Whenever we dream of eating it might signify that we have spiritually ingested evil traps and snares that had been placed in our path to create turmoil and havoc in our lives. This will require us to be very cautious and prayerful.

With these ‘ingested’ curses and snares in our bodies; which signify our lives, we are unable to function at full capacity, we get into situations where nothing seems to work, and it seems we are out of favour with everyone, this causes frustration, frustration turns to depression, then to hatred and envy then to sin.

Such situations cause some believers to get desperate and anxious for solutions and this drives them to begin church-hopping; jumping from church to church, and becoming prey to all sorts of fake pastors.

It is pertinent to note that on some occasions spiritually afflicted people will throw up at the ‘place of worship’ of fake pastors they believe they have been healed just to find themselves still living in affliction.

There are other situations in which people can be delivered from their spiritual affliction just to be ‘fed’ with afflictions again in their dreams by evil forces that have ties to their father’s and mother’s strongholds; to hold them down from their liberty and progress. This is not right and has to be fought with prayers as is depicted in the bible Matthew 15:13, ‘Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be pulled up by the roots’, in the mighty name of Jesus

There are instances where our women folk dream about throwing up and this can signify the spiritual obstacles that have been hindering their ability to get pregnant or give birth to children. Other times women dreaming of throwing up can signify that they have been liberated from obstacles that have been hindering them from getting married

Then there are the dreams that women have of throwing up blood, this signifies that they will contract some illness that will lead them to their death. This is very serious, and the woman who dreams this kind of dream will need prayers and anoint herself with anointing oil. In addition, she should attend deliverance services in a God-filled church, she should also make up her mind not to be sinful again because this will give the devil access to her again. She should also fast for 3 days to purge herself of all impurities.

It is also advisable to seek spiritual guidance from your pastor, bishop, or deacon if all you have tried fails. There is power in prayers, especially ‘prayers of agreement’

Biblical Meaning of Vomiting in a Dream

Understanding the biblical meaning of vomiting in a dream is very vital, please read through the list below and see what meaning relates to your dream

  1. When one dreams of throwing up it signifies liberation from oppression
  2. It signifies things getting much easier in life
  3. It signifies victory over the devil and excretion of all evil obstacles so blessing can begin coming to you
  4. When someone vomiting in a dream sees himself/herself vomiting heavily, it signifies that the person is now clean of sin and thoroughly purged
  5. It also signifies that you are healthy and free from all afflictions of the devil
  6. When you throw up in your dream it can signify that you are healed of all illnesses
  7. Throwing up in dreams can also signify freedom from sexual addictions
  8. It also signifies a financial increase
  9. When you throw up in your dream and expel all hindrances from heavenly favor it signifies that people will begin to show you favor and form beneficial relationships with you
  10. It also signifies that you have been liberated from curses so you can begin a new phase in your spiritual life to maintain your freedom from oppression
  11. When you throw up in your dreams it can signify that the evil influences in your marriage have been eliminated

As mentioned earlier, it is important to be prayerful and cautious about your personal and public interactions because spiritual afflictions are just that, SPIRITUAL! They cannot be seen with the naked eye and they can only afflict you if you are not spiritually filled with the power of God, this is the only power that can prevent you from being a victim of such attacks, and even when you are inflicted it is the same power of God that can restore you and make you whole again.

How do you know you are being afflicted spiritually? Well, that is when you dream of eating in your dream, that is a clear message. This shows that you have been afflicted and a warning that you need to take action for that affliction to end. You will need to be prayerful and watchful, soaking yourself in the blood of Jesus and protecting your mind and soul by being prayerful and vigilant.

Prayer Points

  1. Oh Lord God, for any seed of evil that has grown roots in life, burn now by fire, in Jesus name
  2. Father God, if I have ingested food given to me in my dreams by any evil means, witchcraft spirits from my father’s and mother’s house, nullify its effect on me and my loved one, in Jesus’ name
  3. Oh Lord, any source of hindrance that is blocking my deliverance from finding me, give way now, in Jesus’ name
  4. In Jesus name, I throw up every object that represents evil in me
  5. I soak myself in the blood of Jesus and I ingest the blood of Jesus x21
  6. I declare that I am liberated from the bondage of impossibilities, in Jesus name
  7. All kinds of mix-ups and sources of displeasure in my life that cause me sorrow, the power of God stands against you, in Jesus name
  8. Every evil force that quenches my desire for success and deliverance, burn by the Holy Spirit’s Fire, In Jesus’ name
  9. In Jesus name, I declare the blood of Jesus over me and my loved ones and our future and lives
  10. Every form of evil gathering against my breakthrough (call out the names), scatter, in Jesus’ name
  11. Every evil pillar in my father’s stronghold looking to afflict me, die now, in Jesus name
  12. Dark forces gathered to stop my prayers, you prince of Persia hovering to seize my blessings, get pelted with stones of fire of Achan, in Jesus name
  13. The purifying fire of the Holy Spirit, descend on me, purify me, and make me burn bright for the Lord’s cause, in Jesus name
  14. All powers of evil that are pitted against my success, I declare the fire of the Holy Spirit consume you from your roots, in Jesus name
  15. As the fire of God bathes me, I command all my attributes to begin to shine forth and be released in Jesus name
  16. Every satanic arrangement that was made on my behalf on my mother’s side in the village; with or without my knowledge, is causing me frustration and holding back my breakthrough, break now, in Jesus’ name
  17. Every yoke in my life, break now by the yoke breaking power of my Lord Jesus, amen
  18. Every satanic waste, or substance in my body, flush out now as I drink this anointing oil, in Jesus’ name

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