If you are looking for the Biblical Meaning of Birds in Dreams, you must first understand that how humans dream is a mystery that no amount of science or knowledge of man can fully explain. While there are scientific explanations, there are also theoretical and Biblical Meaning of Birds in Dreams. In this article i will teach you how to understand what seeing birds in your dreams mean.

Dreaming of birds

Dreaming of birds happens often and is very common. One can be forgiven for taking dreams of birds lightly because they are so common, but such dreams have a lot of spiritual implications, and it would be foolhardy of one to wave a dream of birds off as if it were nothing; it usually means something, and knowing what it means is always crucial.

While the types of birds you dream of have significant meaning, the most important thing is the context of the dream: the colours, characters, and actions the birds take, as well as how they interact with their surroundings. As believers it is also very important we focus on Biblical Meaning of Birds in Dreams and not be carried away with interpretations from strange religions.

Some common occurrences in bird dreams include seeing a group of birds soaring in the sky, listening to them chirp, watching them nest, sighting dead birds, and often hunting and fighting birds.

Biblical Meaning of Birds in Dreams

Birds are God’s magnificent and adaptable creations. Peacocks, for example, are beautiful and graceful; chickens provide us with food and nourishment; talking pigeons entertain us; and the raven, which we have come to associate with evil, is a bird of great spiritual significance. As birds can elicit emotional and physical responses from us, they have spiritual meanings, especially when seen in dreams.

Biblical Meaning of Birds in Dreams.

Contrary to what traditional folktales and horror movies have led us to believe, dreams of birds are not always bad. Gary Mastik in his book, Biblical Meaning of Birds in Dreams said that birds are not always evil in dreams that even the the Bible portrays the Holy Spirit as a WHITE DOVE, as stated in Matthew 3:16.

The Bible also portrays the raven as a symbol of good fortune. In 1 Kings 17 2–16, God instructed Elijah to seek refuge in the Kerith Ravine. Therefore, it’s crucial to comprehend the significance of birds in dreams.

For instance, a bird’s singing in a dream signifies good news, a bird flapping its wings in your hands and rising from them signifies love and/or favor, and dreams of bird eggs signify prosperity.

You can physically see birds flying about on rooftops, scarecrows, lampstands, and trees.

So where and how you see a bird in the spiritual realm is of the utmost importance and has great significance; thus, it is important to understand the context of the dream and know what actions to take to either avoid or foster the dream becoming a reality.

Dreams of birds, more common among our women folk, carry a variety of interpretations. They can symbolize celebrations, happiness, safety, protection, faith, mercy, death, sickness, prosperity, failure, bad luck, barrenness, abundance, deliverance, increase, or multiplication.

The Dreams of Birds can either depict good fortunes or bad things, but there is always one constant: the dreams are messages to us, and understanding these dreams is paramount, as the meaning of these dreams might not concern the individual particularly but can also impact society and a nation at large.

It’s crucial to remember that the type of bird doesn’t solely determine whether a dream is good or bad; I’ve never come across any references to a vulture as a symbol of good; rather, the full context of the dream determines its meaning.

The Bible interprets every dream based on its specific number, background, situation, actions, and bird forms (Genesis 41).

Here are some biblical references to birds:

  • Psalms 104:12 says, ‘By them the birds in the heavens have their home, shall the birds in the heavens; they sing among the branches’ 

  • Luke 12:24, ’Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap; they have no storeroom or barn, yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds!’ 

  • Proverbs 27:8 says, ‘Like a bird that flees its nest, is anyone who flees from home’ NIV

Types of Birds and Their Connotations

As mentioned earlier, the types of birds have meaning and evoke some kind of emotional response in us, as we translate how they make us feel physically to how we see them in our dreams. That is why it is important to understand what the types of birds signify in our dreams instead of using raw emotions and past experiences with birds to determine what a bird represents.

The Eagle

This is the king of the skies, typically associated with independence, strength, speed, and precision. Interpret dreams with eagles as a yearning for independence and the discovery of willpower.


This bird symbolizes curiosity, diligence, and a shift in circumstances. The Bible references the raven as a bearer of good tidings. You can interpret dreams of ravens in situations where you need to embrace new circumstances and let go of old things. Newness and forward-thinking.


People use this bird to symbolize peace, happiness, joy, and elation. The Bible consistently uses this bird to symbolize the spirit and presence of the Holy Spirit. This bird symbolizes the spiritual connection to the Almighty God.


The owl symbolizes knowledge, awareness, and perception. Dreams with owls may mean one needs to rely on one’s wisdom and self-power.


This bird symbolizes beauty, grace, and cunning. Dreams featuring peacocks often symbolize the need for creativity and expressiveness.

What is the significance of the color of birds in dreams?

The colour of the birds in your dreams is of the utmost importance, as they can represent the mood, style, and intention of the characters represented by the birds in your dreams.


This color can represent desire, enthusiasm, and igor. You can also interpret it as a warning about impending danger.


This colour can signify peacetime, serenity, and quietness. It can also express feelings and creativity.


This colour can signify contentment, delight, and hopefulness. It can also signify originality and academic achievements.


This color symbolizes development, rekindling, and abundance. It can also mean healing and health.


This colour ymbolizes White birds can represent cleanliness, godliness, and spirituality. It can also represent a new phase of life and a fresh start.


This colour symbolises anonymity, power, and revolution. It can also represent death, calamity, or evil.

The Importance of Bird Dreams: A Biblical Perspective

For centuries, people have used birds to symbolize moods and emotions, and the Bible has consistently used birds at various points in time to convey meaning and messages.

In Genesis, Noah used to wonder if land had begun to appear after the great flood. The New Testament uses the dove as a symbol for the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the symbolism of birds has endured throughout history.

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Other religions, such as Islam and Judaism, all have spiritual connotations assigned to birds too.

Dreams of Birds hold significant meaning and implications.

Dreams of birds can epitomise good luck, bad luck, love, relationships, confidence, spiritual independence, renewal and rebirth, communication, and spiritual connections.

In the physical sense, all types of birds symbolise different things in different cultures and beliefs and evoke different kinds of emotions and feelings. For instance, in Hausa culture, it is considered bad luck to use stones to hit a duck, as they are considered dirty birds.

Also, birds in dreams can signify love, pleasure, harmony, kindness, tolerance, compassion, insight, and achievement, but on a negative note, they can also signify dread, depraved luck, danger, bad news, malicious calls, death, hindrances, and disappointment.

Check out the following interpretations of Dreams of Birds:

  • Whenever one has dreams of birds hovering, this signifies good news, cheerfulness, and excitement.

  • A dream in which one sees bird droppings on oneself could indicate a financial increase. However, it can also symbolize loss, desperation, or poor health.

  • When one dreams of birds consuming food on one’s shoulder, it signifies that one is about to get an unanticipated guest.

  • If an individual dreams of birds coming closer to them, this would signify that the individual will be getting some vital communication.

  • Then there are those dreams of babies or little birds, which will signify prosperity and accomplishments.

  • An interesting interpretation is when a person dreams of birds taking flight out of a cage; this might signify getting out of a situation they felt trapped in.

  • When one dreams of birds dropping from the sky, it signifies that one will get a bit of bad news or that bad news is coming very soon.

  • When one dreams of birds ascending higher, it signifies that one has a higher calling or goal to achieve on earth.

  • Dreams of birds in captivity or incapacitated indicate a threat to your liberty.

  • If one dreams of birds fighting, it means one is in a struggle or conflict with others. One needs to be prayerful.

  • If one dreams of birds pecking at your head, it signifies love from a divine soul.

  • Dreams of birds encircling one could indicate impending good news or a situation where a group of evil spirits ambush them. One would then need to pray for deliverance.

  • When one dreams of bird droppings, it is usually a sign of good luck or favorable outcomes in the future.

  • When one dreams of birds without feathers, this signifies that evil forces are fighting against one’s prosperity. One would need to pray about it.

  • Dreams of being a bird could indicate the initiation into witchcraft and evil attacks, or they could indicate the departure from a highly unfavorable situation.

  • When one dreams of bird eggs, it signifies prosperity and money.

  • If you dream of birds encircling you, it represents prosperity, money, wealth, joy, good luck, and opportunities.

  • When one dreams of birds hatching from eggs, it signifies that one’s plans will eventually be fruitful in the long run.

  • When one dreams of a white bird, it signifies the Holy Spirit, divine intercession, divine direction, and divine guidance.

  • Dreams of birds attacking a person indicate that evil forces are manipulating the person.

  • If one dreams of big birds, it signifies that there will be a series of difficult challenges and hard times ahead.

  • If one dreams of birds following them, it represents spirits assigned to them for evil purposes, but if one is calm in the dream, it represents the assignment of a guardian angel for guidance and protection.

  • If one dreams of birds of prey diving down, it means that the devourer is actively involved in one’s activities.

  • If one dreams of birds that have inconsistent flight patterns, it signifies that one is going through an inconsistent phase in one’s life.

  • When one dreams of birds flying away from one, it signifies that a valuable companion or opportunity is leaving one.

  • If you dream of a bird that isn’t fit to fly, it indicates that you struggle with self-expression and lack confidence in your abilities. Here, you will need to build your self-confidence and make others respect your opinions.

  • What would happen if someone dreamed of birds in the water? Well, this signifies that the route or direction a person decides to take in life will lead to disaster.

  • Then there are those dreams of birds that terrify you. What does the dream of such a terrifying bird chasing you signify? It signifies that your current approach to a certain matter will not work out.

  • If you dream of killing a pet bird, it indicates that you are a victim of a bad situation. However, if the bird you kill is frightening, it represents your victory over a difficult situation.

  • If one dreams of a blackbird resting on oneself, it can represent devilish intent against oneself and short periods of hardship.

  • There are also dreams of birds who have either lost their lives or are on the verge of doing so. Such dreams signify imminent periods of embarrassment. If the dead or dying bird in the dream is a baby bird, this signifies that one is nervous and troubled about certain things in their everyday life (personal or business). If the dream was of an adult bird, this signifies good tidings to come after the bad experiences one has had, and it is a very wonderful opportunity to start over in your life.

  • When one dreams of evil birds being violent against one or killing others, it signifies caution for one’s companions. It will be important to be more cautious around anyone who reminds you of a bird or is named after a bird.

  • When one dreams of cooked birds, it signifies feelings of guilt or fear that someone has found out or is about to discover something they did.

  • There are also cases of people having dreams of unfamiliar birds or birds you know nothing about—strange birds. When a person dreams of such birds, it signifies death.

  • If one dreams of birds descending at a rapid rate to snatch items from the ground and then ascending to the skies from a house with a sick person in it, that signifies that the sick individual is about to succumb to his or her illness.

  • When you dream of birds of prey, like the eagle, hawk, or falcon, this signifies that someone wants to take advantage of you, but if one dreams of these birds of prey soaring up in the sky, then it signifies good tidings for one.

  • One can interpret dreams of killing creepy birds, such as the vulture, as victory over those who oppose them.

  • When one dreams of an ascending swallow bird, it signifies joy and good luck.

  • When one dreams of birds perching, it signifies good news.

  • When one dreams of owls hooting, it is a sign of caution and forewarning of upcoming challenges.

  • If one dreams of having a bird on the arm, this signifies welcoming new companions in your corporate or personal life.

  • When one dreams of a flying eagle, it signifies great corporate fortune.

  • If one dreams of a flock of doves, this signifies plenty of happiness and love. When you dream of two (2) doves close to each other, it signifies a resolution.

  • When one dreams of crows, it signifies expected discontentment.

  • When one dreams of birds perching on your arm, hand, or head, this signifies an unanticipated loving relationship in one’s future.

  • When one dreams of soaring birds (all kinds of birds), it signifies an imminent voyage one would need to make.

  • If one dreams of a flock of birds, this signifies a gathering of happiness, family reunions, and celebrations; it also signifies spiritual connections.

  • Dreams of birds soaring away from your hand or from a cage can symbolize your impending death.

  • When one dreams of catching a bird, it signifies being in control over people of great influence.

  • When one dreams of killing a bird, this signifies achieving a goal.

  • When one dreams of birds singing, it signifies gaining great insight.

  • One can interpret a dream of a bird as meeting a most delightful person.

  • Dreams of black birds are bad omens, while dreams of white birds are good outcomes.

  • If one dreams of birds soaring in a house or workplace, this signifies the presence of angels.

  • If one dreams of birds swooping into one’s hand, this signifies good luck.

  • If one dreams of a male bird perching in the laps of a pregnant lady, this signifies that the child will be male.

  • When one dreams of tying up one’s pet bird’s cage, it signifies that one is taking on too much obligation to care for someone.

  • When one dreams of doves, it signifies harmonious situations.

  • Dreams of confining one’s pet bird or wanting to cage it indicate a state of mind where one feels trapped in a relationship.

  • Dreams of birds battling each other are a sign that malevolent forces and manipulations are targeting you. This is akin to the devil confining your state of being. It would be advisable to pray against household witchcraft.

  • When one dreams of a close confidant facing a bird, this signifies that the close confidant is hindering one’s breakthrough.

  • If one dreams of going after a bird, this signifies chasing after a milestone or love interest.

  • If one dreams of grasping a bird only for it to later escape, this signifies losing a great opening of prosperity or happiness.

  • If one dreams of firing a gun at a bird, this signifies that one is taking the wrong route to better a situation. On the other hand, if one fires the gun at a creepy bird, this signifies a breakthrough in focus and triumph.

  • When one dreams of birds with clipped wings, this signifies a downgrade and stagnation situations.

  • If you dream of dead birds in your hands, it suggests that your corporate endeavors may not go as planned. It also signifies tough times ahead.

  • A close confidant will betray you if you dream of birds attacking you by the window.

  • When one dreams of birds attempting to enter your abode, it signifies evil machinations against one’s destiny.

  • If one dreams of birds soaring into your abode, this signifies one’s anguish and feelings of distress over a person or situation.

  • If one dreams of a bird entering your abode and chirping, this signifies an abundance of joy about to overtake one. It can also signify reawakened self-confidence within oneself.

  • If one dreams of birds building their nest, it signifies the need to begin building one’s abode or profession. Also, for women who seek the blessing of the fruit of the womb, it signifies that their baby is on the way.

  • When one dreams of an empty nest, this signifies loss, bleakness, and disenchantment. If there are eggs in the nest, it signifies answered prayers, hope, and elation.

  • When you dream of birds perching on your head, it represents the malevolent schemes of those seeking to exploit you. It can also represent extended periods burdened by malevolent assaults.

  • When one dreams of birds perching at one’s feet, it signifies dangerous hindrances in front of one.

  • When one dreams of birds perching on a vehicle, it signifies violent pushbacks in one’s ministerial work.

  • When one dreams of birds feeding in one’s yard, it means that a close associate and confidant will meet with you.

  • When one dreams of hunting birds, this signifies that one will pass through rejection and loss in one’s corporate dealings. If one’s occupation is farming, then the dream signifies a bad harvest.

  • If one dreams of birds feeding on one, this signifies periods of bitterness.

  • When one dreams of weak or injured birds, it signifies coming to terms with difficulty in self-expression.

  • There are also dreams that depict talking parrots. When a person dreams of talking parrots engaging in conversation, it indicates that others are discussing them. Interestingly, confining one of the parrots in the dream indicates that one of those people will become the dreamer’s close confidant.

  • If one dreams of birds being violent with each other, this is a struggle.

  • If one dreams of birds killing each other, this signifies something untoward is going to occur.

  • When one dreams of birds that are water-bound, like swans, geese, and flamingoes, this signifies that one is in for favourable news about one’s current endeavours.

  • Have you ever had a dream of taking photographs with birds? This interpretation is wonderful; it signifies having a splendid time with your close ones.

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Prayer Points

  • Every Satanic bird sent to wage war against me and my loved ones will perish in Jesus name.

  • Every satanic bird soaring to monitor me and my family, descend to your death in Jesus name.

  • Every heavenly bird sent by God to bring me and my family cheerful news now finds us in Jesus name.

  • Every mystical bird sent by the devil to follow me and my loved ones around and hinder our breakthrough now perishes in Jesus name.

  • In the name of Jesus, every arrow from the pit of hell that has entered my life and the lives of my loved ones through the cawing of satanic birds returns to the sender.

  • In the name of Jesus, I disperse every satanic bird that has served as an image of me in the spirit realm.

  • In the name of Jesus, scatter all the evil minions sent from the pit of hell to embarrass me and my loved ones and bring us shame when we should be celebrating joyously.

  • Every evil force from my village is changing into birds to be violent with me, scattered by fire in Jesus’ name.

  • In Jesus’ name, kill the birds of darkness cawing against my progress, the arrow of the highest God.

  • Birds of darkness monitoring and cawing against my progress receive a total obliteration by fire in Jesus’ name.

  • In the name of Jesus, may the birds of darkness, assigned to suck the honey of my life, die now.

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