Weird right? One can have a dream with monkeys, which makes it necessary to understand what they signify.

Understanding a Dream With Monkeys


These are primate animals and according to science; the closest animals to human beings. Monkeys are termed as ‘COUSINS’ of human beings.

Monkeys are considered playful, intelligent, exciting, acrobatic, and adventurous, also, they are known for being loyal and respectful.

This is not to say that monkeys don’t have a dark side to them, they are considered very to them as they are considered very disobedient and mischievous.

So, when we dream of Monkeys what could this signify? What is the context and what kind of emotions the dreams evoke from us? These are pertinent things to consider and understand because the dream is not just about the monkey but what it is doing in the dream. Also, another vital point is this, if you find yourself dreaming often about anything, please get a notepad and pen and always jot down as much detail as you can.

Interestingly, the meaning of having dreams of monkeys can vary depending on your dream’s specific details and context. So, if you want to know what your monkey dream means, read on!

The Significance of Monkeys in Your Dreams

The significance of monkeys in your dream can be thrilling and enlightening as most of the interpretations border on the monkey representing liveliness, imagination, and intelligence. On the other hand, having monkeys in your dreams can also signify a lack of control and naughty behavior

Having dreams of Monkeys can have various interpretations and signify many things. Getting an accurate interpretation depends on the entire. Having Monkeys in your dreams can represent warnings, it can also represent messages that one would need to use one’s intelligence and creativity to face certain situations.

When you see a monkey in your dream try to understand what it is doing, what is happening around and to the monkey, its color, type of monkey and the mood of the monkey.

Dreams can be described as messages your ‘inner-man’ or ‘inner-woman’ or ‘inner-them, they, we, us (however you identify)’ is trying to let you understand and most of the messages are about situations you are going through or relationships you are in.

When your dreams about monkeys involve more than one monkey it usually signifies a happy moment to celebrate with others.

Significance of Monkeys in Dreams

As we mentioned earlier, Monkeys are tied to playfulness, intelligence, curiosity, etc, so the mood or characteristics the monkey shows mean a lot:

  • If you are having a dream of a monkey being very naughty and hostile this could signify that you need to look at your present situation and make better decisions because the way you are handling things right now seem not to be right

  • When you have a dream about monkeys and the monkey in your dream is interested in a thing and is really focused on it, this signifies that you need to be creative in seeking new answers to the problems facing you

  • When you dream of monkeys and the monkey in the dream is friendly, this could signify that you should approach the future with hope and with a positive outlook because thing are beginning to look good

  • When you dream of monkeys and the monkey is lively and all over the place in excitement this usually signifies that you should be courageous and take a journey that you might have felt was risky. Don’t hold back and open yourself to new experiences you wouldn’t have normally opened yourself to

Significance of Having Dreams with Monkeys

The significance of the monkey depends on the entire dream and the other things going on in the dream:

  • When your dreams of a monkey eating banana, this could signify that the time is ripe for you to take a break and have fun, enjoy yourself and relax. If the monkey is vomiting it means the opposite. Vomiting in the dream is not usually a good thing.

  • When your dreams of monkeys are of a monkey chasing you then this signifies that you don’t want to face a situation that is really bugging you.

  • When you have dreams of a monkey playing in trees this could signify that you need to stop worrying about everything and allow yourself to be guided by results as they come by

  • When you have dreams of monkeys playing with you it signifies that you should be joyous and more outgoing.

  • When you have dreams of monkeys biting you this signifies that you need to take the ‘lead’ In your life, you need to take control of the decisions that have to do with you. This dream of a monkey biting you can also signify one day the consequence of something you said or did will come back to haunt you.

  • When you have dreams of dead monkeys just like a dream with dead birds this signifies that you have to face reality and allow things that no longer bring you joy and happiness go! End all things that bring you sadness even if it might cause you heartache

  • When you have dreams of torturing a monkey this will signify that there are things causing you hurt and pain that you need to face and overcome

  • When you have dreams of monkeys dancing this could signify that you will have cause to be joyous and happy in your life real soon

  • When you have dreams of monkeys talking amongst themselves and the conversation sounds loud this signifies that someone is trying to play a fast one on you and is actually deceiving you with nice words. You will need to be careful about the people about you especially those who want to suck-up to you.

  • When you have a dream of monkeys in the forest this could signify that there are situations in your life that you will need to use your intelligence and creativity to solve.

  • When you have a dream of a monkey comforting you and keeping you calm this signifies you believe in the course of actions you plan to take to sort out a situation in your life or your profession.

  • When you dream of a monkey chasing you this signifies that you need to be careful of those around you.

Spiritual Interpretations of Monkeys

Spiritually monkeys are linked with joyous emotions excitement, relaxation, and enjoyment.

While the monkey can play tricks, it also possesses great compassion for its fellow animals.

Monkeys represent Understanding, Loveliness, togetherness, and appeal.

The spiritual meaning of monkeys is usually linked with joy, happiness, laughter, and enjoyment. In history, in legends, urban myths, and tradition, monkeys have been described as naughty, adventurous characters with no restraints and are just fun-loving

Some individuals of the Christian faith believe that monkeys signify greed, while some others believe they signify gluttony and envy (part of the seven (7) deadly sins)

In some Christian related art works the monkey is painted being stepped on at the feet of the Virgin Mary; that piece of art is translated to mean that the Virgin Mary has the authority over all sorts of evil and bad things. The same painting is also translated as the Virgin Mary having authority over all animals in the world.

Spiritual Significance of Having Dreams of Monkeys

Spiritually, having dreams about monkeys mostly signify man’s bad intentions towards you. The ‘man’ in this case can be people known to you, evil intentions of others towards your progress and success.

Spiritually, monkeys are associated with dishonesties, disloyalty, irresponsibility, false and deceitful people, and personalities. This is a different way we take animals in real life as we associate these animals with playfulness, happiness, order, and respect.

Even in the Bible in 1 Kings 10:22, ‘The king had a fleet of trading ships[a] at sea along with the ships of Hiram. Once every three years it returned, carrying gold, silver, and ivory, and apes and baboons’ NIV you can see that the monkey is considered a good thing to present as a gift. So, it will be interesting to understand how it is spiritually linked to bad things happening to us. Please note that not all dreams of monkeys are bad, for example when your dreams if monkeys is about a happy monkey then this signifies that various bountiful opportunities are opening for you

And then when you have dreams of monkeys crying and looking miserable and gloomy this can signify sadness and grief.

You see, spiritually, the emotions shown by the monkey are tied to the feelings of human beings; if the monkey seems sad, it translates as the dreamer experiencing gloomy times, and when the monkeys seem happy it translates as the dreamer coming about good times.

A monkey seen in a dream crying can be interpreted as an awful illness or undesirable situation coming, one may be nervous and worried about the damaging things this might bring into our lives when we least expect it.

If a person dreams of a monkey crying, and the person is in an unhappy situation, that might signify a generational curse working in the life of that person, The most significant item to take from this is the entire context of the dream; the activities surrounding the monkey, this is the key to an accurate interpretation of the dream and required actions to take by involving prayers; Mark 11:24.

All messages carried in our dreams require prayers; even the good dreams, because the devil and his evil minions will not just stand idle to watch good things come your way, remember that the devil is our active accuser; Rev 12:10.

Also, if you have a dream of monkeys gathered together and laughing at you this can signify that you are in an embarrassing condition that will make people harass, ridicule, and belittle you. From a believer’s point of view, this is a bad situation because this is a direct attack on your faith in God; this attack leaves you doubting your faith and leaves you open to the devil to attack.

When we find ourselves in such a situation; where we do not experience any meaningful development, growth, and advance in our lives we need to pick ourselves up in prayer and build our faith in the Lord back because all this is the deceit of the devil; Micah 7:8

Spiritual Interpretation of Types of Monkeys

Spiritually, the type of monkeys we see in our dreams have significance:

  • The Gorilla: If you have a dream with a Gorilla in it, this signifies hinderances in your life

  • The Chimpanzee: If you have a dream with Chimpanzees in it, this signifies the ‘strongman’ of your ‘father’s house’

When you have dreams of monkeys with those varieties of primates, you will require consistent prayers to lose the yoke of these oppressive spirits from the very foundation they have hooked into your life

When you dream of a monkey approaching you this signifies that someone you listen to is feeding you bad information so that you make wrong decisions. All this is so that the devil should get control over your life as the ultimate goal of having bad company around you is to lead you to sin.

Also, when you have dreams of monkeys and in that dream, you are carrying a monkey, this signifies that you are involved in a couple of things that will eventually bring embarrassment your way, and hold you back from God’s blessings.

Another sad truth is that people who often dream of monkeys have problems keeping relationships! It can be romantic, friendly, or even work-related relationships; having dreams of monkeys signifies betrayal, gossip, trust-related issues, and false friendships. This is one of the reasons it is always advised that if you are having dreams of monkeys while courting an ‘intended’, pray and seek God’s intervention to prosper the union instead of just committing to marriage with that person.

You might not take this as serious advice but this is spiritual truth, dreams are messages from your inner soul letting you know that something is either not right or is okay for you. While there is nothing to fear if you have been recently reading literature on monkeys or if you have been to a zoo recently; that could explain your recent dreams of monkeys, if you begin to have such dreams out of the blue then there are deep-rooted situations happening around you that you will need to involve the grace of God to overcome.

So, what do you make of dreams where you see monkeys behaving like real people? Monkeys give birth the same way human beings do! The female primate goes through labor and get labor pains. Such dreams have deep spiritual meanings, this dream can signify a need to change your approach in life, to scale up in business and your desires. It can also signify abundance, plenty, and good tidings.

IF a woman has a dream of a monkey giving birth it can be interpreted as the need for the loving care only a woman can give a child, but if the monkey in the dream loses the child at birth this can signify a warning of the person who dreamt of impending barrenness.

Spiritual Significance of Dreams of Monkeys

  • When you have dreams of monkeys in a zoo this signifies that you are making efforts to be courageous and self-sufficient in your decision-making.

  • When you have dreams of a monkey turning into a man this signifies that there are backstabbers amongst your close friends. Be very cautious of everyone around you; and for women, please be cautious of the man you finally get married to

  • When you have dreams of burying a monkey this signifies the impending death of a close person to you

  • When you have dreams of monkeys being violent with you it can signify that evil forces are after your life and success

  • When you have dreams of monkeys eating a person this signifies that evil forces are utilizing that person’s soul as a sacrifice for evil.

  • When you have dreams of monkeys in a tree this signifies liberation from obstructions, delays, and freedom from spiritual shackles that had been holding you back

  • When you have dreams of monkeys playing and laughing at you people are showing you scorn.

  • When you dream of a monkey marrying a human woman this signifies that the woman may never marry a single man but a married man.

  • When you have dreams of monkeys giving you counsel this signifies that you are being advised by the wrong people, it might be time to believe in your counsel and make your own decisions

Having Dreams with Monkeys: A Spiritual Perspective

Dreams of monkeys that can be interpreted as evil forces attacking your destiny are rare! These dreams can be considered spiritual attacks that will require you to fight with prayers immediately and keep away from some people; especially people close to you. So, when you have such dreams, you need to take immediate action against them

And it is completely understandable when people who don’t care for monkeys have displeasing dreams of monkeys. Such people tend to wave away such dreams without giving the dream the attention it deserves and seeing this as an attack from evil forces. These evil forces can control the actions of the monkey in your dream; so, it is important to be spirit-filled with the Holy Spirit so that your thoughts, and dreams are not influenced by any external force.

IF you have a dream of moneys and the monkey in your dream is jumping around this signifies that you are in a horrible situation the forces of evil are happy with. It is possible that you are being distracted from the path you should be taking in life and not achieving your full potentials. When you have this dream more than once it means your spiritual enemies are gaining control of your destiny.

When you dream of being in a romantic relationship with a monkey this signifies that you are in a relationship with the wrong person; if your plans were to marry the person you will need to pray about it and seeks God’s guidance as the individual may not be the right person and the union will not last.

AS mentioned before, having dreams of Monkeys can be linked to strong spiritual forces at play in your life and against your destiny. We usually have these dreams when people with bad intents are around us. So, when we dream of monkeys, we need to heed to the messages our ‘inner man’ is passing to us

Also, having dreams of monkeys could signify situations when trust is lost and suspicion begins.

When you dream of monkeys and in the dream, you are studying monkeys this signifies that some people around you are planning evil against you. This can be in your private life or at your place of business. You need to consider this a warning to be cautious of people around you.

When you dream of monkeys climbing tress this signifies that you are not focused on what you need to do rather you prefer to play away your time being unproductive. If in that same dream you see the monkey eating fruits from the tree it then signifies that the evil forces operating in your life are stealing from your destiny.

Dreams about dead animals are very significant; no matter the animal. This usually translates to the death of a real person in the dreamer’s life.

For instance, If one has a dream of a dead monkey, this can signify that someone or the dreamer will die soon or get sick and from that sickness, die. If in the dream the monkey was shot by the dreamer with a gun then this signifies that the dreamer had issued a curse against another person

Bible Verses on Spiritual Significance of Dreams of Monkeys

  • Romans 8:31, ‘What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?’ NIV

  • Psalm1:1, ‘Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers’ NIV

  • Romans 12:2, ‘ Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by renewing your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing, and perfect will’ NIV

  • Psalm 41:9, ‘Even my close friend, someone I trusted, one who shared my bread, has turned against me’ NIV

  • Zachariah 7:11-12, ‘But they refused to pay attention; stubbornly they turned their backs and covered their ears. 12 They made their hearts as hard as flint and would not listen to the law or to the words that the Lord Almighty had sent by his Spirit through the earlier prophets. So, the Lord Almighty was very angry’ NIV

  • Proverbs 28:9, ‘If anyone turns a deaf ear to my instruction, even their prayers are detestable’ NIV

Spiritual interpretations of dreams with monkeys

When You Have Dreams of A Monkey In A Cage

As you can imagine, whenever you think of a cage what comes to mind would be feelings of confinement, that feeling of your freedom taken away from you, restricted movement. When you have dreams of cages these dreams can signify an inability to perform certain tasks, it signifies limitations to what you can do under certain conditions. While God made all animals for good use by human beings, evil forces have used animals for bad intentions

Note that caged animals in dreams signify human beings; so, when you dream of a confined monkey this can signify that spiritually your

abilities are being frustrated by evil forces. This brings about frustration and an inability to pursue one’s destiny. When one has this dream more than once, it could signify stagnation, embarrassment, or illness. On the other hand, when you have dreams of a caged monkey it can also signify the confinement of evil forces. This is linked to prayerful believers who are constantly waging war against the forces of evil.

Usually, when a woman has a dream of a caged monkey, it doesn’t mean anything but when the woman wakes up feeling sickly, this signifies that a bad situation will arise on the verge of good news

When a man has a dream of monkeys in a cage this signifies that there are people who are conspiring against the man; spiritually

When You Have Dreams of Monkeys Giving Birth

Dreams of monkeys giving birth are mostly dreamt by our women folk, when a pregnant woman has a dream of a monkey giving birth to a new baby it signifies that the woman will give birth to an ugly baby; but you know what they say, every baby is beautiful in the eyes of the mother’. If the woman is not pregnant and has a dream of a monkey giving birth this could signify terrible issues in a marriage or relationship. With married couples, this signifies that the woman will give birth to an ‘unwanted child’.

When a married woman has a dream of monkeys giving birth to multiple babies this signifies that the woman could give birth to multiple children too. It also can be interpreted as cheerfulness, and expecting news of favor

When a woman has dreams of crying baby monkeys this can signify that the woman will have problems in giving birth to children. When a pregnant woman; who is about to give birth, dreams of a monkey giving birth, this can signify good tidings of a safe delivery. As you can see most of the dreams that have monkeys in them are not pleasant but there are some exceptions.

When you have a dream of monkeys and the monkey is giving birth to a human baby this signifies terrible situations in your marriage, place of work, profession. Having dreams of pregnant monkeys signify terrible attacks by the evil forces against you

This will be a cautious one for those involved in sexual immorality, when such a person has dreams of pregnant monkeys this indicates that the person is about to have a child out of wedlock or that the person is going to encounter an embarrassing situation soon.

It will be vital for that person to stop committing sexual immorality and stop engaging in acts that will bring the wrath of God on you. In 1 Corinthians 6:19, ‘Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own’ NIV. The human body was created in the image of God; in the word of God, the human body is likened to a temple which is a most holy place. We shouldn’t be soiling our bodies with sin.

When you have dreams of monkeys giving birth and there is lots of blood this signifies sudden illness and disaster. The blood in the dream signifies the anger and helplessness you feel when you think of all the lost effort you put into achieving a goal.

When you dream of monkeys and you are giving birth to a monkey this signifies that you are being attacked spiritually by evil forces and you will need to undergo deliverance if not you will not be able to operate productively in your daily life

Spiritual Significance of Dreams of Killing Monkeys/ Dreams Of Dead Monkeys

John 11: 25-26, ‘Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; 26 and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?’

When you have dreams of dead monkeys you shouldn’t take such dreams lightly; especially as a believing Christian, every dream of dead monkeys has spiritual meaning. To overcome the evil forces this dream reveals to you, you will have to be prayerful and vigilant

These dreams are usually associated with death, madness, disappointment, sadness, and unhappiness. These dreams are messages that those things you are enjoying now will soon come to an end. On the other hand, when you dream of killing a monkey this can signify triumph over evil forces; but this requires hard work in prayers and fasting. Although this is not true in all cases, we have had people tell us that after they dreamt of killing a certain animal in their dreams, they ended up losing a loved one, coincidence? I think not! It is always best to seek the Lord God for divine interpretation of our dreams

Sometimes dreams of dead animals could signify that an individual is inflicted with a terrible illness which the individual could die from

When a person dreams of killing an animal and in reality, that person hates killing animals this signifies evil forces attempting to influence you to sin against God

If you are married to a newlywed and you dream of dead monkeys this signifies that your marriage is troubled and evil forces are causing confusion and distrust between you and your spouse

When you dream of killing a monkey and you wake up feeling no anguish then there is cause to thank the Lord for fighting your battles in the spirit for you but if you dream of killing a monkey and you wake up feeling bad and sorrowful this signifies that evil forces are gathering against you

When you have dreams of monkeys and the monkey kills you in the dream this signifies that the intention of the evil forces against you is to kill you.

When you dream of monkeys and you are sexually involved with the monkey or you are married to the monkey this signifies that ‘marine spirits’ are in you or abide in someone or something close to you

When you dream of monkeys and the dead monkey is on the ground this signifies a human being. You need to be prayerful and vigilant as evil forces are trying to attack your destiny. These spirits have been allotted to you to destroy, and progress you make; such spirits attempt to delay the results of your efforts causing you to be discouraged and

Lose faith in God.

When you dream of monkeys and you kill a monkey that is violent towards you this signifies victory and triumph over spiritual attacks against you

When you have dreams of monkeys and the monkey suddenly dies this signifies that someone you know closely will soon die

Spiritual Significance of Dreams of Chasing Monkeys

I remember how funny it looked to me when I watched a chimpanzee chase a man on Television, I can remember how the monkey showed its teeth and attempted to stand on 2 feet in an act to intimidate the man before it started chasing him. It was so hilarious; the screeching sound the monkey made, and the cries of the man were unforgettable, but having dreams of monkeys chasing you is not a funny situation at all. These dreams signify an evil personality allotted to you to pester and harm you. When you have dreams of monkeys chasing you this signifies torment, terror, confusion, and danger. You have these dreams when there is someone in your life making efforts to kill you and stop your star from shining. This person is usually envois of you and your achievements and they will stop at nothing to dim your progress, even if it means ending your life.

When you have dreams of monkeys chasing you this signifies that dark forces in high places are targeting you for evil. Hold on, monkeys run? Doesn’t that strike you as odd? Monkeys do not run; they hop and jump! So how is it that in your dreams Monkeys run? This is a deep indication that such dreams are spiritual.

You will do well to protect yourself with the armor of God and arm yourself in prayers to the Lord, do not give the devil any chance at your soul because he is the devourer and all he is out to do is destroy and block you from achieving the greatness you are destined for.

When you dream of monkeys chasing you this signifies that the war being waged against your progress and success is being waged by evil forces of personalities close to you, and this war is a spiritual war. It will be wise of you to be cautious of those around you especially those who tell you what you want to hear yet do not help you achieve anything positive; this group of people are against you. If in this dream the monkey’s face is in the image of persons you know then this signifies that you need to stay away from such persons and cover yourself with the blood of Jesus. This is necessary because such persons are close confidants and know a lot about you, you need God’s protection against them.

When you dream of monkeys chasing you and the faces of the monkeys are of human persons you do not know this signifies that the foundation these forces of evil have are deeply linked to you. They need to be purged from your life. If, in this dream, the monkey chasing you catches up to you and confines you, this will signify that you will begin to lose the virtues that you have been blessed with. On the other hand, when you dream of monkeys and you are chasing the monkey this signifies that the Lord is on the throne in your life and has your case settled in victory for you. It will be advisable to prepare your soul spiritually for difficult encounters and experiences because when the Lord is fighting your battles for you, you need to be steadfast in your ways and not give the devil any leeway in your life.

It will be important to note that not all dreams of you chasing monkeys or having dreams of monkeys chasing you are spiritual; it all depends on the context of the dream. Sometimes having dreams of monkeys chasing you can signify your ‘inner man’ letting you know that you are stressed and need to rest, you have been focused on issues too much and need to take a break and relax.

When you dream of monkeys and the monkey is chasing you in your house this signifies that evil forces are using occultic powers and items to manipulate your life and progress. When you dream of monkeys and black monkeys are chasing you this signifies the type of attack the evil one is using against you. These attacks are made to confine you so the forces of evil have direct access to your soul. If you have this kind of dream, be very careful with your decision-making and be very disciplined and focused in your Christian life

Spiritual Significance of Having Dreams of Being Bitten by A Monkey

When you have dreams of monkeys and there is biting involved this signifies the use of ‘spiritual curses’ by the enemy in your life. It is advisable to begin a program of fasting and prayer if you dream such dreams. These dreams are extremely rare and should never be taken for granted because the curses involved can affect your well-being, your progress, destiny, and even your life. The bible lets us know that the Lord Jesus was sacrificed on the cross for us, and by so doing he became a curse so that we could no longer be cursed, so we need to stress this point in our prayers that the lord Jesus has rid of any curse, Once we begin to operate in this faith the curses will leave us because we are a people unto GOD.

Having dreams of monkeys biting you signifies that forces against you are fighting against your progress

The spiritual interpretation of a person dreaming of being bitten by an animal indicates that the person is under observation in the spirit realm. And such observations are never for good reasons so please be vigilant.

When you have dreams of monkeys biting you, this signifies that the enemies have contacted you, and have ‘marked’ you. ‘Marking’ you in the dream enables the evil one to observe all your activities in real life.

When you have dreams of monkeys attempting to bite you, this signifies that someone is trying hard to make you sad and depressed. When you have dreams of a violent monkey attempting to bite you, this signifies that the evil one will not give up until it can devour your destiny.

The devil will work through those close to you to betray your efforts to cause you to be depressed, and we all know that depression causes one to lose faith in life and in God, this will leave you open to the manipulations of the devil.

When you have dreams of monkeys biting you and you are not married this may signify that the devil will attempt to stop you from getting married by bringing obstacles your way.

You will require a breakthrough and that will come by prayers because you are a child of God and have the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions and they shall do you no harm.

When you have dreams of monkeys biting you repeatedly this signifies that evil spiritual forces are observing your activities and planning to wage war on your destiny.

When you have dreams of monkeys biting your hand or leg this signifies the plan of the evil one to paralyze you. If you find your arm or leg numb or having unexplained marks when you wake up this signifies that you will go through a terrible illness that could leave you paralyzed.

Spiritual Significance Of Having Dreams Of Fighting With Monkeys

Ephesians 6:12, ‘For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places’ KJV

When you have dreams of fighting with monkeys this signifies an ongoing spiritual battle for your soul. The forces of evil have waged a spiritual war over your destiny and progress.

If the monkey you are fighting in your dream wins the battle this signifies that the evil forces against you are observing you and planning evil against you. You need to be prayerful and build your spiritual faith in God so you can escape the attacks of the devil

When you have dreams of 2 monkeys fighting this signifies that the Holy Spirit is on your case and revealing those who choose to harm you. This can also signify confusion in the camp of the enemy.

Most periods people have dreams of fighting with monkeys coincide with times they are about to receive some good news or something good is about to happen to them, either in their personal lives or at their place of work. It is in these periods you need to be more prayerful, and watchful because the devil will attack more frequently at this point.

When you have dreams of monkeys and you run away from a fight with a monkey this signifies that you have been attacked by the evil forces spiritually and the effects are beginning to take effect even without your knowledge. This situation needs to be tackled immediately with prayers and fasting

Spiritual Significance of having dreams of a Monkey eating banana

This will be an interesting one for married men. When a married man has dreams of a monkey eating banana this signifies that the man is fertile and there is a high possibility for his wife to conceive when he has intercourse with her. IF the dreamer is not married then it means the dreamer will need to get married soon

Please note that Banana can signify fruitfulness and fertility in dreams.

When you have dreams of a monkey eating banana or plantain this signifies the need to make provisions available for your family.

When you dream of yourself giving a monkey banana repeatedly this signifies that you prefer to provide for others more than you do for yourself. Being nice is good but you need to be disciplined with your finances.

When you have dreams of monkeys and a person you know gives a monkey food to eat this signifies the need to help others out of their situation. As a Christian, we have been charged by God to help the poor and those in need; Ephesians 4:28

I understand this is a tough subject; how can you provide for others when you need help? But this is the charge God has given us and some blessings come with being a giver, the bible in Luke 6:38 says, ‘Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.’

Good provides for his children and will never leave you stranded in your time of need

When you have dreams of a hungry monkey this signifies someone close to you who needs food to eat. It will be doing God’s work on earth to identify the person and help from the abundance God has provided you

When you have dreams of monkeys eating bananas a long way from you this signifies that you need to make better decisions in your life

When you have dreams of a monkey approaching you and taking your food away this signifies that there are terrible days ahead for you

When you have dreams of monkeys handing food to you this signifies that the one who will help you out is not known to you

Coming Out Victories Over Having Dreams With Monkeys

These are a few steps to help you come out victorious against the powers of evil against you:

  • First, repent of your sins and make the conscious decision to sin no more

  • You have to give your life to Christ. You have to be born-again, covered in the blood of Jesus, and receive the gift if the Holy Ghost

  • You need to cut ties with bad friends and stop activities that expose you to sin. Fill your life with things and literature that will bring you closer to God and leave you spirit-filled

  • Stop communicating with people who usually use the word ‘monkey’ to describe you. Using the word monkey to describe a person has spiritual consequences and can mark the person being described with curses

  • Always pray about everything and build your faith in God for he is the author of all our needs

Below, is a list of situations you need to pray against:

  • You will need to pray that known evil forces that control and deceive have no hold on you

  • You will pray that the evil forces gathering against you fail in their plans

  • You will pray that the ability for the evil forces against you are not able to observe and control anything that has to do with you

  • You will pray that all curses associated with your family have no hold over you

  • You will pray that God grants you wisdom and authority to act in wisdom and his grace

  • You will pray that every force of evil against your progress and fruitfulness will hold no sway over you

  • You will pray that all occultic powers set against you fail

Faith-based exercises to build you up as a Christian

Psalm 25:14, ‘The LORD confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them’ NIV

Please pray the following prayer points before you sleep

  1. For all the dark plans the evil ones have in store for me they will surely fail in the mighty name of Jesus

  2. All the burden of curses that had been holding me down I am relieved of you in the mighty name of Jesus

  3. My faith in God makes me understand that the day I cast all my burden unto him I received rest. From now on, I am covered by the grace of God and I suffer no more, in Jesus name

  4. By the grace of God I am released from any shackle of failure, in Jesus name

  5. Every spiritual attack from those who cannot stand my success and want me to fail shall come to nothing in Jesus name

  6. Father God, take me away from people who have no good plan for me, in Jesus name

  7. The fire of the Holy Ghost, consume all those who are attempting to hold me down, in Jesus name

  8. I stand against every evil monkey representing me or my likeness in the spirit, in Jesus name

  9. Any contract that was agreed on my behalf by my ancestors and any ‘representation’ of a monkey on the spirit, you are hereby canceled in Jesus name

  10. Any form of curse of damage done to me as a result of having dreams of monkeys, you are canceled in Jesus name

  11. Every form of distraction that wants to disturb my spiritual growth, die now in Jesus name

  12. I stand against any spiritual force that wants to embarrass me or make me sad, in Jesus name

  13. Every form of manipulation the devil has over me, die now in Jesus name

  14. Every link the devil has to access my dreams, burn now in Jesus name

  15. Every source of backsliding that I am exposed to, die now in Jesus name

  16. All evil powers that the dreams of monkeys represent, burn now by fire in Jesus name

  17. Every strong tower hindering my progress die now, in Jesus name

  18. Father God, end the oppression of the enemy in my lfe, in Jesus name

  19. Every foundation of failure planted in my life through my dreams, get out of my life in Jesus name

  20. Father, align me with my destiny and your plans for me, in Jesus name

  21. Father, bring shame to my spiritual oppressors, cast them out of my life in Jesus name

  22. Father, bless me with prophetic sight and prophetic foresight to know the intentions of people around me, in Jesus name

  23. Every person, and circumstance that the Lord had made to help me, locate me now, in Jesus name

  24. Every spiritual intention of the evil one to bring about disaster and danger into my life, die now in Jesus name

  25. Every evil pronouncement of the devil against my life, die now in Jesus name

In Conclusion

Dreams can be awkward and at times they do not make sense to the ordinary person. This is why it is important to share your dreams with your pastor (but what do you do if the dream is a warning about the pastor himself?). this is why we always pray for the ability to interpret our dreams.

The same God who allows us to dream is still the same God who allows others to interpret such dreams. So why can’t we be the ones to interpret our dreams? The answer is that we can. If we ask God for the grace and spirit of interpreting dreams, God will surely give it to us (make sure not to abuse the gift)

If you find that you dream often, please always have a jotter handy to take down notes of all the details of your dream as the smallest detail can make a world of difference when it comes to interpreting your dreams.

I don’t need to remind you that we are in a constant battle with the devil to succeed in live and be a productive member in the household of God.

A way God communicates wit us it through dreams but the devil has access to our dreams too and uses this to harm and monitor us. We need to be spiritually filled all the time to win this battle that rages on spiritually and manifests in real life. God bless us all

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